Our Steel manufacture produces high standard of all kinds of steel storage system and door system, such as pallet racking, shopfitting, shelving, mezanine, and door systems. With a high-tech of production machinery and high production capacity, our steel products is known as one of the best premium steel solutions and has more than 5000 clients all over Indonesia.


Provides premium wooden and rattan furniture products, with international quality, and agroomic and functional design. Our special designed furniture has been used by many restaurants, food courts, café, hotels, houses, apartements in Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, USA, etc.


We use two different types of machines depending on what product we want to produce. The plastic machines we use are plastic injection machines and plastic extrusion machines.


We produce quality paper products such as folders, envelopes, and letters with high-quality paper and machines. we have supplied to many clients, such as hospitals, banks, offices, to state institutions. In addition, the products we produce can also be tailored to your needs.

Design & Planning

Having a highly skilled teams in design, project, and consulting, we are commited to provide our cllients with the best possible design and solution based on what their actual needs. Our team has planned and designed more than 200 projects every year.


Our Consulting Services will provide clear, concise, and fact-based solutions to our clients who range from small – medium enterprise, to major enterprise and also public sector organisations.


With a strong commitment to R&D, and various strategic partnership, our automations technologies is capable to enable warehouses to be more responsive, effective and efficient to customer demands overcome operational barriers. Some of our automation solutions : ASRS, AGV, Conveyor system, Autostore, etc.


Partnering with the best in the field, we provide software for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and many other organizations. Some of our solutions are warehouse management system, order management, store inventory and fulfillment, etc.